Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Visit to So-Komp

Now that our foam plug has returned from CNC, it is time to start manufacturing the mold for Gato del Sol IV's aerodynamic outer shell. Mike and Nick traveled to Bowling Green, KY today to meet with Southern Komposites, an high-quality composites manufacturer. Gary and Bill gave us a great briefing on the composite manufacturing process from their extensive aerospace experience. This will be a great aid the UK Solar Car Team in its transition from wet layup fiberglass to a more professional process aimed at yielding a lighter, more aerodynamic shell.

UK Solar Car meets So-Komp LLC
Nick and Mike from the UK Solar Car Team meet with Gary Smrtic and Bill Smrtic from So-Komp. Their involvement in both racing and alternative energy is a great match for our project.

Gary discusses mold construction with Mike
Gary discusses mold construction with Mike

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Foam is back from APW

Thanks to our friends at Advanced Pattern Works, the foam plug mold for the top half of GDS4 looks beautiful! Next up: surface gelcoat and sanding...

Way to go Aero design team, Aero fabrication (everybody who epoxied the foam together), and Kyle and Jeremy (and Jeremy's dad) who made the 13-hour excursion to retrieve the mold!

Enjoy some spy photos!

Mike points out a fillet on the mold
Keith snaps an iPhone photo of the pretty blue foam

Visit to TOPY America

Three members of the UK Solar Car Team visited TOPY America on Thursday. Keith connected with Grant Baker, TOPY Production Engineer and classic car aficionado, at the Keeneland Concours d'Elegance. We are excited to build a relationship with TOPY as Keith leads the design of the new 16in wheels for Gato del Sol IV.
In front of TOPY