Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Visit to So-Komp

Now that our foam plug has returned from CNC, it is time to start manufacturing the mold for Gato del Sol IV's aerodynamic outer shell. Mike and Nick traveled to Bowling Green, KY today to meet with Southern Komposites, an high-quality composites manufacturer. Gary and Bill gave us a great briefing on the composite manufacturing process from their extensive aerospace experience. This will be a great aid the UK Solar Car Team in its transition from wet layup fiberglass to a more professional process aimed at yielding a lighter, more aerodynamic shell.

UK Solar Car meets So-Komp LLC
Nick and Mike from the UK Solar Car Team meet with Gary Smrtic and Bill Smrtic from So-Komp. Their involvement in both racing and alternative energy is a great match for our project.

Gary discusses mold construction with Mike
Gary discusses mold construction with Mike

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Foam is back from APW

Thanks to our friends at Advanced Pattern Works, the foam plug mold for the top half of GDS4 looks beautiful! Next up: surface gelcoat and sanding...

Way to go Aero design team, Aero fabrication (everybody who epoxied the foam together), and Kyle and Jeremy (and Jeremy's dad) who made the 13-hour excursion to retrieve the mold!

Enjoy some spy photos!

Mike points out a fillet on the mold
Keith snaps an iPhone photo of the pretty blue foam

Visit to TOPY America

Three members of the UK Solar Car Team visited TOPY America on Thursday. Keith connected with Grant Baker, TOPY Production Engineer and classic car aficionado, at the Keeneland Concours d'Elegance. We are excited to build a relationship with TOPY as Keith leads the design of the new 16in wheels for Gato del Sol IV.
In front of TOPY

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Early Shell Mold Pics!

The top half of Gato del Sol IV's shell plug mold is currently being cut to shape by our friends at Advanced Pattern Works. Check out these photos!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

New Leadership Team Selected for 2009-10

The University of Kentucky Solar Car Team is proud to announce its new leadership team for the 2009-10 season! This group of motivated students will serve to support their fellow team members to finance, design, build, and race UK's 4th solar-powered car, Gato del Sol IV, in the 2010 North American Solar Challenge.

Sam Nicaise - Team General Manager. EE Senior, Covington, KY.

Mark Taylor - Race Manager. ME Senior, Dillsburg, PA.

Brent White - Business Manager. ME Junior, Murray, KY.

Matt Deye - Electrical Systems Manager. EE Junior, Fort Mitchell, KY.

Brian Passafiume - Mechanical Systems Manager. ME Senior, Louisville, KY.

Kyle Stein - Aerodynamics Team Leader. ME Junior, Edgewood, KY

This new group has stepped up to the plate following the graduation of three former team members:

Anthony Robertson, former Mechanical Systems Manager, recently began employment as a civilian Aeronautical Systems Engineer at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, OH. As part of a two-year Engineer-in-Training program, Anthony will gain practical work experience and earn his masters in engineering.

Nick Such, former Team General Manager, was recently accepted to the MBA program at the Stanford Graduate School of Business with a two-year deferral. In the meantime, Nick is working with local business incubator Awesome Inc., and is also pursuing internships with the Kentucky Science and Technology Corporation and a few other high-tech startups.

Will Wade, former Webmaster, has accepted a position with Microsoft in Redmond, WA. Will is a Software Development Engineer in Test working with the Customer Experience Group for the Windows OS. Lately he has enjoyed digging deeper into Visual Studio integration.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Follow the UK Solar Car on Twitter!

As most of you who have followed the University of Kentucky Solar Car Team on the blog may know, sometimes updates are few and far between, and during the races themselves the updates are daily at best. We are a bunch of busy workers and having the time to write out full articles can be difficult, especially considering our school schedules.

Well good news! You can now follow the team on Twitter! We still intend on keeping this blog updated just as before, but for the quick up to the minute status of our team, check us out on Twitter.

Now, you can follow us on the Formula Sun Grand Prix without having to wait until evening for any news on the race. Rural Texas does not have the best wifi, so updating twitter by cell phone should be very easy for us. Hope to see some followers!


Sunday, March 22, 2009

Solar Car meets Aptera in D.C.

Two members of the UK Solar Car Team had the opportunity to meet with officials from Aptera Motors during the EGR599: Engineering Leadership trip to Washington, D.C.

Anthony Robertson and Nick Such conversed with CEO Paul Wilbur and Senior Engineer Sean Touhy as the Aptera 2e was displayed on Capitol Hill. The Aptera 2e is an electric vechicle, capable of 100 miles per charge, at an efficiency equivalent of 300+ miles per gallon. Of all production vehicles, it is the most similar to UK's Solar Car.

Aptera was in Washington with a congressman from their home state of California to lobby for its piece of the DOE's $25 billion in funding for domestic production of high-efficiency vehicles. While the Federal Government prepares to distribute this funding to other automakers, Aptera's application was initially rejected due to the fact that it has 3 wheels, instead of the conventional 4. This article from Wired.com further explains their situation.

Aptera is one of the frontrunners for the Automotive X-Prize.

Solar Car Team member Sam Nicaise was also on the D.C. trip, and had the opportunity to meet with Congressman Ben Chandler at the same time.

More on Aptera:
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