Wednesday, July 2, 2008

And so it begins.

Hello and welcome to the blog of one of the team members of University of Kentucky's Solar Car Team. My name is Mark, and I have been an active member of the team for about two and a half years. I am a mechanical engineering major, and I have just finished my junior year at UK.

Although we have an official website,, I feel that this site will be more appropriate for my goals. I want this blog to serve as more of a journal from my perspective, something less formal than our official site. The purpose of this blog is fairly simple:

-I want this blog to be used as a way for fans of our solar team to be kept up to speed with our car.
-I also can see this site being used as a method for recruiting for the team, as students at UK or even prospective students can see what the team is all about, and be more willing to come on by and visit.
-Lastly, I can see this website as a venue for team members (old, current, and new) to discuss and problem solve issues that we may be dealing with.

We keep pretty busy at the solar car garage, Gato Del Sol III is our car and we all share a determination to participate and finish in the upcoming race, the North American Solar Challenge. This coming July 4th, we take off from Lexington and start our trip to Dallas. Posting on this site may become sporadic at best during the race, but I'll try to reach wifi hotspots and snag our mobile broadband as much as I can.



Kerri said...

i heart your solar car :)

Jennifer said...

Woot!!! Go Mark! The solar car is amazing. :)