Thursday, July 10, 2008

UK is number 6 to complete scrutineering!

Wonderful news: the solar car team has now accomplished more and progressed further with Gato del Sol III than with any of the previous cars. We have completed scrutineering with a complete set of green lights so that we can qualify this Thursday and Friday and ultimately start in the race! All we have left to do is drive approx. 120 miles on circuit one of the Texas Motorsport Ranch. Any distance covered greater than that minimum will be tallied to determine the pole positions of the cars starting the main race itself. After securing greens for all aspects of our car, our confidence has never been higher. Below is a picture of a board showing all teams and their progression towards getting their car race worthy, as of mid-evening July 9th.

Numbers under smiley face: order which teams earned all green
Green: good to go on the race
Blue: good to run on the ~120 miles of qualifying, but still needs work to race
Yellow: good to run dynamic testing such as brake test and slalom, but nothing more
Red: needs work to run any kind of testing

It cannot be described how elated the team was after finding out we were in the clear. It was then that I was reassured of how strong our team really is. From the leaders with years of experience, to the newcomers who have yet to even start college, from the electrical to the mechanical to the logistics/marketing experience needed to accomplish such a feat, I could not have been any more proud of my team.


Angela said...

Hooray, solar car! I'm so super proud of you guys. You. can. go. all. the. waaaaayyyyyy!

deborah said...

Absolutely fantastic!!!
You are the true reflection of what UK should stand for!

Jennifer said...

That is so awesome! You guys have put so much time and hard work into the car. The team definitely deserves to be where it's at. Everyone is very proud. :) Keep up the excellent work.

Kerri said...

yay for solar car :) and you too, boy :)