Tuesday, July 22, 2008

In Canada... tomorrow is the last day!

Just after dealing with the pot hole incident, we trailered to Winnipeg to Red River College, our next state stop. We did, however, bring the car out to drive across the US/Canadian border.

Red River set up the whole works for all the solar teams, offering a steak dinner, live band (named Tele), and access to their computer labs and machine shop. Also, as usual per most stage stops and checkpoints on this race, a representative from UPS provided us with food and goods to help us along on our journey. So by the time we left Red River's campus, we were all in pretty high spirits.

The drive from Winnipeg was gorgeous, fields of flax and canola lined the highway as far as one can see. And some fully bloomed fields of flax almost looked like lakes.
Here is Gato at an intersection with canola in the background, also note the car's blinker, made with a row of LEDs.

We've been able to make good time traveling across most of Canada, but the final leg from Regina to Medicine Hat was just too much for our car to handle. At about 300 miles, there was not enough time for us to make it even with full sunlight. Our array simply isn't strong enough to accommodate the fast pace. So we chose to save our battery for the last day tomorrow and trailer the car to Medicine Hat.

But tomorrow is the last day, and with 187 miles between all the cars leaving Medicine Hat to Calgary, most teams should be able to arrive to the finish line close to the same time. But here are the times provided for all the teams in the race as of today...

Team Time
Michigan 47:22:53
Principia 56:18:51
FH Bochum 58:43:32
Waterloo 59:05:33
Minnesota 60:30:16
Calgary 70:13:58
Missouri S&T 72:58:23
Iowa State 84:53:20
Red River 85:38:55
Kentucky 91:42:36
Arizona 94:54:11
Queens 101:18:35
Northwestern 104:30:51
Durham 121:27:28
Oregon State 121:42:48


praveenboss said...

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Doug Carroll said...

Good Luck today Kentucky!! Thanks very much for the update of how your team is doing.